Do you ever feel like life is just passing you by? Almost like you’re a spectator, never truly interacting with anyone or anything, instead just there? That’s how I have been feeling the last few months. Of course, part of it is because I was swamped with school, homework, and juggling everything else at home. However, I think another significant part of it was that I hadn’t found anything to really inspire me. Since school has ended I have spent more and more time trying to find something for myself. For now, it’s reading and writing. I have also challenged myself to get healthy. Day 1 of exercise and I’m already prepared to throw in the towel. But that’s not the lesson I want to send my son, that quitting over and over again is okay. It’s not. So, despite the fact that my body is going to be so angry with me, tomorrow is another day. This journey of self-improvement kind of sucks, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end. Especially if I can say that I did more with my life than just watched it pass.

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