Birth of a New…Mommy Blog?

Does anyone else wake up in the morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to actually get stuff done during the day? Yeah, me neither. It usually takes a cup of coffee, a brain teaser, and being pounced on by a 30lb 2 year old to do me much good in the morning. I have been doing some soul searching lately and decided that writing a blog is where I want to be. Now, this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill mommy blog where I gush about my child, post awesome crafts and recipes, and give you glimpses into my life. I mean, yes, I’ll obviously be doing all of that, but it is going to come from a decidedly more nerdy perspective.


Nerd? Huh, who? Oh, yeah, that would be me. I could go on about the types of things I nerd and fan about, but I think that would be a little overwhelming for the first blog post. What I will say is that I’m excited to share my passion about all things nerdy with even more people. And, if I happen to convert more moms into the nerdom? Well, that’s just bonus points!

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