About Me

Hi y’all! This is where I’m supposed to introduce myself and make myself seem so much cooler than I am. I have always been pretty awkward with introductions, but everyone seems to have more courage online, so here I go!

I’m just your average 20 something Millennial with a random appreciation of underused vocabulary words. I call myself a nerd, though I am pretty limited right now in what I nerd about. I love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock (I’m an Anglophile!), Sailor Moon, Naruto, Pokemon, Star Trek, and more. Netflix and Amazon are my best friends, when I find time to actually sit and watch something. Being a nerd wasn’t always easy, especially during those formative years. It made me stick out even more than I did. But, it was worth it! Being a nerd helped me discover more about who I am. I am excited to pass down the nerd knowledge, not only to my progeny, but also to my new readers. Psst. That means you.

As many people can probably understand, finding the time to be a wife, mom, and employee is hard enough. Adding another identity is just asking for trouble, and yet, I can’t quit the nerds! While I may have bitten off more than I can chew, I invite you to join me as we discuss fandoms, life, and everything in between. Because lets face it, as a nerd, we can make the most random of connections between things. Geronimo!